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COVID 19 Page

COVID 19 Pandemic Page

Since the start of the Pandemic in the late 2019. People around the world have been eager to know more about the virus and how it affects and individual, a community, a country and the world.

Any minute information can be very useful to save your own life or your family. Policies that govern the management of the pandemic whether it be in the village level, Barangay, City/Municipality, Province, Islands, regions, countries  should be based on factual information to make an acceptably good decision the majority and totality of mankind if possible.

Sad to say, in epidemics and disasters there are priorities to be considered. Biases, discrimination are inevitable with the limited resources. Triage has been one of the examples.

While people look for the truth and the best way to handle the crises there are also those who take the opportunity to make advances for themselves-moves to discredit others and take credits for them. The world has been bombarded with black propaganda in the forms of fake news, even fake researches, and other ways to lure people to their advantage.

In moments like this people need to be vigilant and discerning as to which ones are false and which one are true.

We will do all means possible to get the latest and truthful information possible however we also would not claim that everything that we may get is foolproof. We encourage everyone to participate in helping us gather the truthful ones and help us identify those that have been proven to be false or doubtful.

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Q & A - Questions and Answers

What is COVID 19?

Corona Virus Disease (CoViD-19) is an infectious disease caused by the infection of a newly discovered disease initially called 2019 Novel Corona Virus and later officially called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus Р2  (SARS CoV-2 ).

source: WHO

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